Top 10 considerations for website design and construction in Hong Kong 2022/03/14

1. Positioning the direction of website manufacturing

There are many types of websites, including enterprise exhibition sites, e-commerce sites, and so on. Different types of websites have different characteristics, and they also develop in different directions. So we need to position the website well from the beginning of website manufacturing. If our website is just a display site, then we can consider flashing the entire site. Such a website is more beautiful and cool, attracting users' attention from a beautiful perspective; If our website requires users to place orders online and the website needs to promote sales online, we can create a sales oriented website. At this point, the website needs to incorporate SEO optimization concepts.

2. Selection of website program skills

When positioning the direction of website manufacturing, it is necessary to consider which website program to use to establish the website. If your website requires a high level of security such as online payment, it is recommended to use JSP programs to build the website, such as 10086 mobile website; If your website requires simple protection and strong marketing, then you can choose common website programs to build your website, such as PHP, which can be combined with some JS functions to make the website user experience better.

3. Selection of website domain names and website hosting service providers

The selection of a website's domain name is crucial for users to remember. If the website is aimed at domestic users, it can consider adopting Pinyin as the domain name, which is easy to remember.

Another requirement to note is that website hosting service providers must choose a safe, stable, and reliable service provider, so that the website can operate normally and steadily every day.

4. Selection of website developers

Nowadays, almost every university offers a computer major, and due to the humanization of website development software, the threshold for website manufacturing is very low, as if anyone can create a website. But the quality, security, and after-sales service of a website developed by a good website developer are all very perfect. So when a company is creating a website, it cannot just focus on the price. Nowadays, the profession of creating a website is very chaotic. Some developers rely on their own reputation or some companies know the thoughts of customers and ask for high prices. Of course, such high prices have a lot of moisture in them. So we can ask more website manufacturing companies and combine the prices to obtain an average and appropriate website manufacturing price. Then choose a website developer who has good promises and can survive for a long time to manufacture the website.

5. Choose someone who has been serving as a website for a long time

After the completion of website manufacturing, there is also a need for someone to protect the website for a long time, such as website promotion, website information dissemination, etc. And in the future, there may be some requirements that the website needs to be revised. Only a person who has been working on this website for a long time can create a website revision plan well, and it can also reduce the communication cost of website developers for website revision.

6. Make a website that considers users

The website we create is designed for users to see, so we should consider the users we target. This is what SEO practitioners say about user experience, and putting user experience first is what makes a good website.

7. Understand some network marketing knowledge

After creating a website, we need to make it valuable. To make a website valuable, we need content that interests visitors. The most useful method for low cost operations in marketing is search engine optimization, which allows the website's keywords to rank high in search engines so that visitors can visit. If visitors come to visit, they can still be retained. At this time, it is necessary to clearly and concisely arrange the layout of the website, and then provide authoritative content.

8. Attracting users

Our business is not based on the popular saying: once born, twice ripe. Once cooked, you can purchase the product multiple times. So we should do more content to attract users.

9. Website security

Where there are people, there will be competition, and there will be some unfair methods to invade the other party.

10. Always protect websites

Regularly protecting a website can also attract users. If not protected, it may be easily hacked or maliciously attacked.

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