What are the things needed to design and launch a standard website 2022/04/01

The main conditions for website construction include domain name, server, language and tools used for development. When building a website, the following things need to be done:

1. Determine the website theme and plan the content for website construction.

2. A domain name is necessary for a website. A domain name is a necessary condition for opening a website. The domain name, also known as the website, can be registered on Wanwang or Xinwang. Generally, the top-level domain name for. com, cn, and net is 48 years. However, the use of. cn domain names requires registration.

3. A virtual host, also known as a server, is the place where website files (i.e. website code) are placed. The host is usually supplied by the host supplier. There are two types of hosts: domestic hosts and foreign hosts. Hosts in mainland China need to be registered before they can be used, while hosts in foreign countries, including Hong Kong, do not need to be registered.

4. Develop your own website code or hire professional website personnel to customize a set of website code. For companies, the most important step in building a website is this,

5. If you are a personal website creator, you also need to understand W3C's HTML 4.0 specification, basic knowledge of CSS cascading style sheets, and basic knowledge of JavaScript and VBScript.

6. For commonly used script programs such as ASP, CGI, and PHP, it is also necessary to have a proper understanding, be proficient in using graphic processing tools, animation production tools, and vector drawing tools, and be able to partially understand the basic usage of various graphic and image animation tools. Proficient use of FTP tools and corresponding software, hardware, and network knowledge are also essential.

7. Website construction implementation process:

(1) Register domain names, purchase space, develop programs, and prepare corresponding materials for addition.

⑵ Upload the website code to the virtual hosting space using FTP.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Information Industry, the ICP filing approval number is requested, and the website filing is to report the reasons to the competent authority for filing for future reference.

⑷ The purpose of website filing is to prevent illegal website business activities on the Internet and crack down on the spread of bad Internet information. If the website is not filed, it is likely to be closed after investigation.

(5) Test and launch. Open the website URL on the internet to add information for testing. If there are no issues, the website can be launched.

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