What are the basic processes that Hong Kong website design needs to go through? 2022/04/06

With the rapid development of network science and technology, many enterprises now have their own official websites, and we need to pay attention to every detail of website manufacturing. So, what are the basic processes that website manufacturing needs to go through? Let's learn more together today!

Confirm the name of the website address

In website manufacturing, the name of the website is also what we refer to as the domain name. Common domain names include. com or. cn.

Select the corresponding server

The manufacturing needs of a website have their own website space. To choose a suitable website space server, it is mainly based on the size of the website and the amount of content on the website. Generally, for small and medium-sized enterprise websites, a virtual host space of 100M-200M is sufficient.

Planning website

Website planning is a crucial step that involves the crawling of search engine spiders, making webpage manufacturing particularly important in website manufacturing.

Definite database

The database is the center of a website, and the work of a website requires some central databases to work with. After selecting templates and servers, the database can be selected according to the website's usage requirements.

Website filing

After the website manufacturing is completed, we can proceed with the website filing. All we need to do is prepare the materials and follow the process to complete the website manufacturing.


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