What are the requirements for building a website 2022/04/18

What is the relationship between domain name, server, and website system program? If a website is compared to a company, then domain name is like a company name or trademark, server is like a company office, and program is the operating system of the entire website. When others browse your website, it is equivalent to finding your company location (server) through your company name (domain name) and going to your company to do business (browsing web pages)

1. Domain name

A domain name is the website URL and an important resource of a website. By using a domain name, you can quickly and conveniently find your website. Of course, there is a domain name resolution process from entering the domain name to opening the website. How to resolve the domain name. So we need to build our own website, which is the first condition.

2. Server

The server is where the website resides, and the website needs to be placed on the server to run. Currently, the mainstream servers are divided into virtual hosts, VPS, and independent servers.

There are two types of servers, domestic and foreign. The difference is that domestic servers need to be registered with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the website to be opened normally, while foreign servers can open the website without registration.

After purchasing server space, you can bind your domain name through the backend of the server, upload website programs through FTP tools, and the website can run normally.

3. Website program

A website program is the webpage we browse, designed by programmers to interact with users through computer programming language code. The mainstream web programming languages now include PHP, ASP. NET, ASP, JSP, and so on. What kind of functionality do you want the website to have? You can design and implement it through programming languages. There is also a certain relationship between programs and server space, and different languages need to choose server space corresponding to the language environment in order to run website programs. If the server is an independent system, it can run its own programs by installing its own server environment.

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