What website designer needs to know 2022/04/24

Reasonable visual design effect

Visual effects are a very important element for web pages, mainly manifested in the structure and layout of columns. To learn how to layout web pages through tables, more tables should be used to emphasize the hierarchy and spatial nature of website content. Avoid adding too many images on the page to enhance visual interest, and try to choose as many colored dots as possible, because the area of the origin is smaller and can also add color vitality to the list items. If your website design colors are very messy, it will make visitors feel very messy after entering the website, and the jump rate will be very high.

Clear navigation page

Generally speaking, there is a website map at the bottom of the website, which tells users where they are currently on the website and where they can go. If users can find the information they want to see using keywords on the page, then the website design will be more favored by users. All pages must use navigation signs from top to bottom, especially the "return to home" sign, which must be clear.

Naming web pages should be clear and simple

Most people should be aware that the vast majority of websites are not composed of a single webpage, but rather contain many different sub pages. In order to better and more effectively connect these pages together, website designers must establish representative, concise, and easy to remember webpage names. In this way, not only can it be convenient for administrators to manage web pages, but it can also make it more convenient for users to search when submitting web pages to search engines.

The entire page style must match

The website page contains all the text and images, including the color of the website background, separator lines, font, title, footnotes, etc., and requires a unified design style. In this way, users will feel more comfortable when accessing the homepage and leave a very good impression.

Provide contact information or online communication

The purpose of designing a homepage is to provide homeless people with relevant information about the company, in order to get in touch with them. If visitors are interested in the company's products, they definitely hope to contact the relevant personnel on the website as soon as possible. Therefore, when designing the website, it is important to display the contact information.

The above content is about some key issues that need to be paid attention to in the website design process. Most of the website promotion work still needs to be carried out through search engines. If the enterprise website design can achieve a very good ranking in search engines, it will definitely be in a very prominent position, and users will be more likely to see it. So whether a website has a good ranking will be of great help to the promotion of corporate websites.

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