Website design considerations 2022/05/11

1、 No content hierarchy

In the process of web design, users prefer orderly design, such as having navigation and logos in the header, using lightboxes for specific content, three column columns, and footers. It helps to organize important information internally and guide users to pay attention to where you want them to pay attention. In web design, there are no specific guidelines to follow, but organizing your content in an intuitive way is a good rule of thumb.

2、 Too many colors

In the process of professional web design, there is one color for the background, one color for the content text, one color for the links, one color for the header and lightbox, and one color for the pattern and footer. This is great because it helps distinguish useful content. However, multiple gradients with bright colors and a large number of contrasting tones and saturation can disrupt the hierarchy and blank concept of your website. Try limiting yourself to using only one bright color tone (such as blue) and pairing it with contrasting monochromes (white, gray, and black) to achieve a beautiful combination. Emphasize the color scheme of Douban here. It's also my favorite color combination.

3、 Too many fonts

A simple webpage design typically has no more than three fonts. Too much chaos leads to insufficient blank space. Blank space can be said to be the most important part of design. It helps prevent users from getting tired while browsing websites, it can draw distance in the content, and it also looks good on its own. Blank space does not necessarily have to be white, but rather provides space for spacing and buffering for other design elements, regardless of the user's resolution.

4、 Inconsistent

Consistency is the key to web design. It is a way of organizing web design together, creating a sense of tight integration. When website pages are interconnected, it can help users connect all pages together. If you continuously change font size and color throughout the entire website, users will quickly feel at a loss.

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