How to choose a good domain name when designing a website? 2022/05/17

1、 Independent domain name

An independent domain name is indispensable, and the first impression that a secondary or multi-level domain name gives is that it is an irregular website. The preferred domain name is still. com, as it is currently the most popular domain name. In fact,. com domain names are indeed better than domain names such as. for inclusion.

2、 Copyright protection

The domain name of the website should be as short as possible for easy memory, and it would be even better if it could include website keywords.

Finally, if you want to make your website bigger and stronger, it's best to register the corresponding. and other domain names. Also, don't make basic mistakes like some websites, and regret it in the end!

3、 Clear

According to the way people remember, the shorter the memory, the easier it is to remember. A clear domain name can make users instantly remember your website domain name. Just like some large website domains in the past, they usually update their domain names later, so their domain names will be short and easy to remember. For example, the JD 360Buy domain name has been replaced by the JD domain name, which is easy to remember. The Xiaomi domain has been replaced by the Mi domain, which is simple and meaningful.

4、 Easy to remember

In addition to a clear domain name, an easy to remember feature is also needed. An easy to remember domain name is great, for example, Tencent's domain name is QQ, Amazon's domain name is Z, these domain names can be easily understood and very convenient.

5、 Short and concise

We all know that the shorter the domain name, the easier it is to remember, but the shorter the domain name, the more expensive it becomes. But now this rundown domain name has basically been registered, and to get such a short domain name, you must buy it from someone else. But this good domain name is also very good for promoting brands.

6、 Brand

A domain name is the representative of a company's brand. Through this domain name, we can roughly understand the brand value, what we do, brand, and so on of the company. Therefore, when registering a domain name, we must consider the value of the brand. You cannot call your brand Google, but you registered the domain name Baidu, right? This way, it will make users feel uncomfortable if the cow's head is not right. Therefore, the domain name you purchase must match your brand value.

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