We are COLORS, a trusted supplier and a committed partner. We provide customers with innovative and reliable lighting solutions in collaborative manner. Founded in 2008 and based in Shenzhen, we have 17 years of accumulation, and are always full of passion and ideas to innovate and self-improve. To us, light is culture. We have been and will be always committed to craving lights in good quality and well-thought design, in the hope of providing the best to customers.


Service Procedure

Confirm your needs

Know your need before contact with us.

Enquiry or contact us directly online

Feel free to consult.

WIIPOO provides comprehensive IT services and a one-stop service for design, development, customization, and maintenance!
Communicate with us in detail

In all aspects about BIZ modles, design inclination, target customers, functions and ect.

Confirm requirements & sign contracts

Once the detailed requirements determined, we will send an electronic contract to sign, and begin the service.

Starting customization...
Professional personalized services, professional delivery and service models
Customized design and development IT services

Customer service guides in basic preparation and document preparation.

Professional source code delivery and Technical training and guidance

Ensure smooth source code delivery and successfull online baseline.

Professional maintenance follow-up

Provide 24/7 customer service to ensure the smooth operation.


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