About the Five Basic Steps and Methods of Website Design 2022/06/01

1. Site positioning

Clarify the purpose of website construction to determine website functionality and positioning. Design the website theme, style, and main content to show visitors what the website does at a glance.

2. Set up columns

The website columns are equivalent to the outline index of the website. Setting columns can more conveniently guide visitors to find the information they want to browse faster, which is the main indicator to be clearly displayed.

3. Interface design

The website interface design should make the webpage structure and layout reasonable and standardized, and also conform to the usage and browsing habits of visitors.

4. Web page testing and publishing

Website design includes functional testing and integrity testing. Functional testing is aimed at achieving the initial goals of website design, ensuring the usability and practicality of webpage functions, and making it easy and quick for visitors to find the content they need; Integrity testing is to ensure that website webpage content is displayed and connected correctly, without any incorrect expressions. If any errors occur during the testing process, they should be promptly corrected and corrected before the website is officially released. At the same time, if there is no problem with the webpage design and the website image cannot be displayed after being published online, local adjustments need to be made.

5. Website promotion and maintenance

After the website design is completed, it also needs to be promoted and maintained. Without promotion, the website will become a dead end. If there are no visitors for a long time, the purpose and significance of website establishment will be lost.

In short, the five basic steps of website design are essential and indispensable in website construction.

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