Tech root in Shenzhen for 10 years, with a wide range of services

Focused on user experience design and development services required for the digital transformation of government and enterprises for 10 years, skilled in strategy research, user research, interaction design, UI visual design, development implementation, and usability testing. Having agile development models, rich project management experience, mature development teams, and high adaptability to collaboration.

To meet the requirements of response speed and concurrency, lazy-load,reflow,less,redis,oss,cdn, Distributed architecture, etc

For different projects, we use different technology stacks to achieve maximum production efficiency at the optimal cost; We have almost obsessive requirements for response speed, and for user experience, we have a comprehensive and flexible solution; Everything is done to make users feel that technology does not exist.

Balancing costs and efficiency, allowing enterprises to focus on their main business and save costs

Before signing a project, we usually recommend the client to use one or several technical means and inform them of the corresponding hardware and software costs.

Comprehensive technical documentation and maintenance services

During the project handover, we will provide comprehensive technical documents such as operation manuals, database dictionaries, API dictionaries, etc., for the convenience of both future generations and ourselves.

Served multiple celebrity enterprises and became a long-term IT service provider

We provide services to strong enterprises such as Shenzhen Municipal Government, embassies abroad, TCL Group, China Unicom, China General Nuclear Corporation, Lenovo Group, China Merchants Group, Nanshan Holdings Group, Jiuzhou Group, Harbin Institute of Technology Group, etc. All cases have contracts that can be traced back; We also want to provide you with the same high-quality service. We generally do not judge success or failure based on experience, but facts speak louder than words. We have served over 400 customers, including those in the United States and Australia.

Comprehensive technology stack, proficient in system integration and various architectures

The founder started from Silicon Valley and brought the most advanced technology and cutting-edge thinking. As you can see, we create systems, websites, or apps for you, and we also provide you with the world's most advanced user experience and interaction methods. VIP can flexibly transform development models and framework types according to customer business needs.


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