What are the categories of design? 2022/06/09

Design majors include Environmental Art Design, Decorative Art Design, Architectural Art Design, Advertising Art Design, Animation Design, Image Art Design, Computer Art Design, Fashion Design, Dyeing and Weaving Art Design, Computer Art Design, Environmental Art Design, and Fashion Design.

Text design, graphic creativity, professional computer, visual communication, logo design, packaging design, VI design, advertising design, sketching, color.

On the contrary, the relationship between environmental art and decoration is relatively close. Environmental art design refers to a comprehensive design art that includes the surrounding environment of architectural relics. Of course, it also includes interior design, exhibition design, etc. Nowadays, environmental art is mainly divided into three major directions: interior design, architectural design, and landscape design!

In short, many universities now offer similar courses related to beauty and publicity. The types of learning are also quite complex, for example, some engineering related majors also have some design courses, collectively known as industrial design.

So the design covers a very wide range of concepts.

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